We have opportunities to be inspired everyday but passively cast off these events unknowingly.  Today, I was inspired by a piece by Dwayne Johnson (The ROCK) talking about being named Man of the Century by Muscle Magazine.  It wasn’t so much the words he said or the acclaim he talked about as much as an opportunity he was presented with.  I took a moment to question why these aren’t coming about for other people on a grand/universal scale.  What it came down to was two simple facts, the first was notoriety of people (to attract interest) and value of products.  Some might label this as branding but in fact its the commodity.  It represents value, achievement, consumer acceptance and thus becomes reflective of all things that surround it (whether a person or an object).  For years people selling high end services or personalities have rejected commodity recognition because of it be considered as common place.  But the flip side to this is  commodity as a unique package.  These unique commodities can weather hard times but also can succumb to them if durability has not be established.  The fortunate part is that the potential bottom on commodities with frail durability is that their ‘bottom’ is seldom a free fall to ‘zerodum’.

All That Doesn’t Matter

Too often we think about superficial labels or unique twists to make ourselves special.  As the saying goes…  “bad news travels fast” and its not too long before the world will know what the truth is.  Take the time to create the persona that you wish to reflect.  Like a body builder each muscle needs to be perfected, and each pinnacle should seek a new peak to capture.  Achievement should be the quest, despite momentary accomplishments.  Its okay to be a commodity, as long as its not a replication of what the masses are doing.  To achieve this optimal commodity status has its benefits, setbacks along the way, but the elements of value will endure if sincerely adopted.

To Many Victims

I’m sure that you have seen so many really good people become inconsequential.  Marginalized by the system and left to languish for the remainder of their lives.  If I was to put a number to this, in my career, I would venture it would be in hundreds.  So why is it they fail to achieve?  In some respects they may have, in that many are in a good place.  They enjoy life, appreciate the things that they have experienced and share a certain degree of personal tranquility.  At the same time they are rocked by the preverble questions of ‘under achievement’.  Unless you reach a celebrity commodity status you will be constantly challenged by those around you who can advance you.  I think of professional (entertainment) wrestling, the promoter has everything to gain by you success.  If it was a matter of wrestler promoting wrestler there will come a time, even with alliances, that self-interest will prevail.  Thus, your promoters are not necessarily you peers or your reporting line (they only aid in forming legatimacy), but those outside of your sphere that recognize your unique value.  A commodity unlike all others, and thus attention needs to be given to you.


Those early plateaus of success should be enjoyed but not viewed as a stopping point.  It is too easy to let your guards down and not reflect on what it will take to reach the next plateau.  Building your personal valuable commodity takes endurance, commitment and constant self-reflection.  It seems like its a selfish ambition but it isn’t.  Why?  Because as a part of your personal valuable commodity profile one must also take a holistic view that comprises the social and personal communities that surround you.  You are not doing this just for you but also for the well being as a contributor member to the world.  The selfish are weakly framed by their support system where as a true value commodity will always have a strong community to some degree.  I think of the Ups-Downs of Research in Motion (RIM aka Blackberry), despite issues there remains a core group of developers and loyalists that have stuck with them in a sea of fierce mobile competitiveness.  Again the question, why?  Its because the ‘physical’ commodity has a strong foundation, and the supporters are willing to stand by them because of that.  Some call this cult following but deeper to this point it is with supportable value appreciation and not just the battle cry of the maddening crowds.


I have a new found appreciation for commodity.  It is because of this that personal and professional transformation is appropriate and highly recommended.  We all need to reflect in the mirror to see what is before us and determine if change is needed, while maintaining a credible line on our values.  Yes, values might need to change but also these same shackles might need to be sustained in order to create the personal commodity that represents you.  Its that model that will determine whether opportunities come pounding on your door or whether you are just another face in the crowd that time doesn’t allow for further examination of.