Like an awakening from a dream old age sets upon us in a definitive fashion.  The rapid passage of your 30s, 40s and 50s give way to an abrupt realization that time has passed and now the model of our remaining life has changed.  Our plans and aspirations realized or not require a re-visitation with the distinct possibility that we will require adjustments. Despite a crusty hard headed obstinance acquired by time and experience an admission that conditions are such that we are no longer in charge.  Does it mean that we must give way or is their some sort of ritualistic passing of the torch that needs to occur?

As I look about at myself and my fellow ‘seniors’ there are many different variations.  Some are quite content in a casual routine, surrounded by loved ones and living out their lives in relative tranquility.  Others are bewildered and a bit down trodden by a world that is unfamiliar, leaving trust in respect without the realization that it could very well be a means of avoidance by the community at large.  This leaves me to gaze into the mirror with a hard fast stare, trying not to turn away from the past but not relying on that past as a means to plot a path today.  It would be ever so easy to simply regress to a dark corner and disconnect as much as is possible.  To silently walk the path with as little human contact as possible.  My deep down desire is to not rely upon the closet full of trophies and plaques, the miles traveled, the damage done and the sacrifices made but to make use of these things for what value they might have.  Like a car, its never worth the value that we spend but if we treasure our investment we will give care as best we can, thus my reason for not turning my back and adopting a convenient paradigm.

Is the realization for change mean that we should cast aside aspirations, or should I be more aggressive to accelerate rather decelerate?  Only I can answer that question but for sure with any forward reaching ambitions I cannot simply reply on my stripes of experience but have to better understand the world as it is today.  Full of virtues that are clearly not what I grew up with or believe, but these are conditions that my children have created for a world they want and for the children that they have.  To some very weird sense we must accept the destiny of today because it is of our seed that it becomes the plant of our offspring.  Have we done wrong because their world is different or should we revel with great pleasure that they have walked boldly forward, created conditions that they appreciate and unwittingly be sitting here, were I sit now as an elder wondering what is next and all of the other conflicts of an aged reality?  Is it poetic justice, no… this my friend is life as it always has been.  We say that technology is creating things faster but even in years gone past a similar lament could be heard, “if it ain’t broken don’t fix it” could be heard (1930s).  Throughout time change has confronted us like a slap in the face.  We face adapting, utilizing, considering and understanding.  To believe that we can simply exist without change is to misunderstand that WE change, and that impacts not just us but everyone around us.

So as we close out 2016 let us mature members of society get our legs underneath us, we ask for others to give some understanding to our plight but also the value we bring to the table.  Someday you too will be a member of these group. #JED2016