March 2014


Writing, or the art of communicating, isn’t for everyone.  Even those with an interest and possibly even a talent struggle putting words to paper, computer or even canvas.  Often called a writers block it really isn’t a blockage as much as it is the lack of a stimulus to drive the act of writing forward.  There are days in which I simply don’t have the interest, drive or desire to write.  On other occasions I have more ideas and drive then I have hours in the day to put them down.  In between the library of thoughts, partially complete manuscripts, half completed blog entries far out strips the delivery that comes forth to the readership.

Some might say that I am not a good writer.  I write from the position of how we would converse, person-to-person, sitting in my living room debating, sharing, pontificating and even arguing about a topic.  Casting grammar and sometimes spelling aside I go for it.  I remain purposeful in getting the essence of the moment down, disseminated and shared to as many people as possible.  It is not the intent to reach the masses, its the intent to plant the seed and to see whether it goes viral or not.

Life has taught me that we need outlets.  That in exploring and exploiting that we learn allot about ourselves and those around us.  These may be people who are directly connected to or those that through the web network of personal connections we manage to touch upon their lives.  I guess it seems a bit more valued when someone openly shares their ideas than for those that are purposeful in their pursuits.  It truly shows sincerity, commitment and genuine traits that are far to uncommon.

Some of you may sit there saying you can’t write.  Maybe its because somewhere during the course of life someone said that you were not good.  Possibly its because you lack a story or a lesson or can’t commit to opening yourself to civilization.  These are all legitimate and purposeful reasons.  I can’t convince you to change your feelings I can only share with you my own.  For me it is releasing, its a chance to share my thoughts, ideas, experiences and marking a legacy in a point of time.  We don’t know how long we will last and it would be a shame to take these things to our grave when it may be the turning point difference in a person’s life or in the direction of civilization.  I have authored two (2) books and each time they caused me to drive and commit fully.  It was not a leisurely stroll it was an arduous exercise, driven by schedule, a tedious march towards an objective and a goal to be achieved.  While some commercial authors are like writing machines my writing hobby is more about diversity.  For this reason I chose to share snippets of humor and wisdom in social outlets, more formative information in a legacy blog and in depth guidance in my rare books.  I’m not sure that I will write another, but I may.  At the sametime I am sure that I will review many books for publishing as a favor to friends and those that know my talent contributions in terms of content and presentation.

I encourage people to write and to share value.  Whether young or old, whether gifted or not… the world deserves humanistic information sharing in a responsible and loving way.

The old adage about customers and their rightness has always been a bit of a sour pill to swallow.  It boarders on placating to the illogical to out and out capitulation without refute.  But does it have to be an all or nothing or can there be a suitable balance that can be established?


First of all the first right move that the customer has made was selecting your company whether for a service or a product.  In pick you it is worth the effort to share with them a bit of wisdom… “

Good Job Mr./Mrs./Ms. Customer…. you are definitely on the right course and we do everything we can to satisfy your needs.  (However… with a pregnant pause) we must reach a fundamental level of understanding.  As a compassionate and professional organization we exercise proper care and experienced intelligence.  So  you are getting a bit more than just an outcome you are getting validation of your vision and the means by which it will be delivered.  We hope that you appreciate this and can accept this level of care as something we do as a normal course of business and at no extra cost to you.  In fact it will end up saving you money by getting rightness quickly and without unnecessary items that are ill conceived, patented commodity solution which will require rework.  The more you must make changes the more the overall maintainable design will be compromised.  We hope that you will receive this news as an open window of fresh air and make the whole experience truly a cooperative endeavor.  You will get what you consider right.”

I have shared these concepts with a number of companies over the years.  Some accept it at first glance only to revert back to old behavior.  Others have rolled their eyes only to endear it later on when they see that being right doesn’t mean being right in the full context of outcomes.  That its your partner that will ploy their talents and perspectives so that a ‘right’ outcome can be produced.  Final of course you have the total believers and non-believers both with different agenda, neither having any desire to change and only see one thing… how much will it cost and we need to have this done tomorrow.  Rightness, regardless of who is the author needs to put things back on track and sometimes this means a bit of debate and counseling.  Taking things in small carefully orchestrated pieces is a wonderful start to build trust in rightness.  Going too big and rapidly is almost certainly going to end up with things being thrown into jeopardy.

Right customers are those that we can service or deliver a product to.  Sometimes we have to make the decision that we are not miracle workers.  We are human beings, albeit experience-talented and sometimes down right amusing (yes you must have a bit of joy in all transactions no matter how somber you are) and for that reason we must know the limitations to what we do.  After all rightness for the customer is just as important to them as it should be for us.