ImageAs a parent, as a business person but more importantly as a human being I plead with each and every adult of this world to grow-up.  Most of us use years or stature as a means of measuring maturity but as the old saying goes… “actions speak louder than words”.  I admit that I have had those moments of immaturity, driven by the euphoria of the reaction from those around us.  While I didn’t put on a suicide vest, set myself ablaze or started a shooting rampage from the top of a building I am sure that I have none the less caused personal pain on others.  It would be nice to think that it would all stop there but a catalyst creates an ensuing action that can take either a righteous or a disastrous path.   Being the catalyst you aren’t always around to the the result.  But is it worth the energy and the glory to inflict negative possibilities?

Here and Now

I sit as a foreigner in a region where conflict, corruption, natural calamities and thinly veiled irreverent behavior exists.  I’m not sure its a whole lot different in other areas and certainly not the case in my home nation.  The reasons are many:  survival, local custom, a bigger cause and is often the case blind followings.  We look to others to legitimize our action and endorse efforts.   We use this to compel us to act where they would not.  One needs to consider why they aren’t?   Why should they after all YOU are the instrument and thus in a somewhat reckless way you are a disposable experiment.

A World for Children (elders and women)

Actually the world is for everyone but the actions of man, in the general sense of the word, is driven by MAN.  I am not trying to be sexest in using or implying that all acts are don by ‘man’ but you can’t over look the predominance of such.   Maybe you aren’t a parent, but a parent does not mean that you don’t have a parental obligation to society.  Almost any act can be justified but this does not make it right, it only means that it supports YOUR reason for acting upon your motives.

As a parent, of children and the global community, I spend allot of my time trying to change the way we think and the way we react to things.  Whether this is a business issue or one that touches societies it is my obligation to share in a respectful and heartfelt way.  I don’t need to inflict anger, generate chaos or inflict death upon the innocent to share my views.   It is troublesome to think that in today’s world we must be continuously on the defensive.  We must cast aside life enjoyment for safety and survival.  To a much larger extent we must extend this umbrella of protection around our families (related and in the global context). 

Bringing Sanity Back from Insanity

There is not a religion, social norm or legal system that permits killing or legitimizes corruption.  These unsubstantiated acts are the will of man.  Mankind that that has a much larger and personalized self-interest at heart.  It overlooks the future generations, the respect of past generations and pains a somewhat convincing picture that it is for the benefit of all.  I would like to think that this was true but undoubtedly look at where we are today and the level of chaos that exists.  Are your children safe, are your parents (and their peers) better off, and has mankind created a world without chaos?   Can you allow your children to play and enjoy their childhood or are they, even the poorest sense, forced to hide in self-protection? This is a sad testimony on our advancement as civilized societies.  No matter how many technological advances are made they become tools for insane behavior.  Whether it is cell phones to activate a road side bomb, remote controlled aircraft to enact humanless bombing on targets, or the internet to send coded and  oftentimes inaccurate propaganda to the ill informed.  All for what??    A personal agenda, the manipulation of the educated and unsuspecting mercenaries or the misguided belief that world domination will mean peace when in fact that peace cannot even be achieved within the ranks of mission driven regimes?


Don’t be insulted by this humble and sincere request.  Our actions speak not to change in a positive way but leads us in a direction where our children, or parents and those around us in a global context are at risk of peril!  Its time that we started to use our energies and our time to transform the world into a better place.   Casting aside the ill fated direction of ‘labeled leaders’ and start acting in such as a way where our faith and our families become the reasons why we act in positive and responsible non-destructive fashion.   Our first steps will set us free from fear, from living an unfilled life, and from the shackles of poverty and ignorance.  Today can be the start and if this touches but one soul will have become  a positive start for all of mankind.