ImageToday is my birthday and while youthful in mind I am far less so as to the number of years that I have accumulated in life.   As I sit thinking about the power, influence and possibilities for the youth that will lead tomorrow it seems befitting to share some wisdom.  Some will simply read this and move on knowing much better than I as to what needs to be done and how it should be carried out.  Others will give some consideration but unfortunately most won’t read this post at all.

Being in the youth category is a measure set on age and not based on experience.  Sometimes armed with a sufficient amount of formal education one often thinks (as I remember back to my early adulthood) that you have the magic answer that none of your elders have.  This might be true but one must also consider the impact of change.  Change can be exciting and might even be viewed as the miracle to solve all issues.  Yet change carries with it downside risk, challenges in securing adoption (which leads to concessions which then creates added problems and unfortunately chaos).  Although the Arab Spring wasn’t a  youth movement it can be seen as an example of what change can do.  It hasn’t been positive and although a President has been ousted from office the economy and society lies in shambles.  Blame runs rampant an excuses can be found on every street corner.  What was touted as positive is far from that today… it will take decades to return the countries involved to a state of tranquility and sustainable economic stability.

As the youth of today you have mass, this is a power and one that should be exercised with responsible care and refrain from reckless abandonment.  One must develop abilities, commit to intense evaluation, and formulate a direction that the masses can follow.  A former boss once told me that you can’t have knowledge about everything but you can utilize the know how of those that do.  I encourage this and to chart a course to which you will be proud of the results and not simply a catalyst that produces results that will burden you.

Crisma is a naughty sin.  We fall prey to its grasp and a sense of self-worth when we align ourselves around popularity.  Maybe its a movie star or a singer, possibly its a sport figure or someone that has high name (brand) recognition.  The charismatic individual is you, not who you aspire to be like or idolize.  These individuals success can be attributable to allot of factors, some in luck others in talent but certainly these tracks of success often have little to do with social reform, only social activism.  I sometimes wonder how these people can possibly image that they speak on behalf of others or what gives them the ability to exercise judgements that are based on inadequacies.  It is their opinion certainly, and this carries with it a degree of impact to followers, but is the privileged platform being exercised responsibly?  I don’t think so…. pick you poison and deliver it by using the power in a beneficial way.

In closing…. may International Youth Day 2013 be productive, beneficial and one that reflects responsible behavior and not one marred by power misuse.