ImageWe reach very times during the course of our life our perspective on things change.  In those early years we have ambitions, later we seek solitude, and finally we reach of backward reflect on what our journey has been.  While having very little scientific data on this, I would suspect that the reflection period who open up a whole lot more ‘wishes’ then it would afford moments of ‘pride’.  I base this on the assumption that we, as human beings, aren’t always happy with what WAS and continually seek IMPROVEMENT.  This sounds a bit cynical but we see it embodied in suggestions, ideas, critiques and actions.

When we are young we want to be old.  When we are old we want to be, or maybe we act as though, we are young.  Uncontended youth should be having ambitions and goals.  I do know that there are allot that do not.  Suffering from social confusion and a malaise of ambition that is influenced by ‘entertainment’ distractions vs. real contribution (whether to self or society).  Therefore when a person should be looking forward and isn’t, they are in a state of CONFUSION!

When we have older members of society, to which I am presently a member (for the rest of my life), and we act youthful are we also confused?  OR is our agenda really to keep our systems alive and well, as best we can give the degrading effects of the biological clock,  Possibly its both and it may also be that we are trying to bridge the gap between us and the youthful contributors that are coming up the ranks.

In many respects I have been blessed.  I have had an abundance of failures, each of which provide reflective lessons which I don’t need to remember because I won’t be give a second chance to repeat the mistake.  I have also been cursed by time.  As  you progress, hopefully in wisdom, you run up against what can be done and what can be accomplished.  Does it make sense to start a new venture that you possibly won’t see growth to your ambitions or should you throw your soul into it to create a nest egg for the future generations whether it be society or your family?  Sometimes it just easier to work without goals at these later stage as a means of providing fundamental basic financial support.  It surely might be a whole lot easier.  On the other hand I wonder… will this form of behavior lead to laziness which is the intellectual equivalent to sedimentary life?

I think I will go take an walk now on both a physical and intellectual basis!Image