ImageIts been a long time since you have left this earth and return home to our heavenly father.  As with most sons I probably never fully express how important you were to me.  So much of you drove me with the desire and determination that no school or training could have provided.  It wasn’t always visible and certainly seldom spoken about.  In fact even today I think of how so much of your life has rubbed off on me, to stand strong and to have religious faith.

I remember when I was young how you wanted to play with me but your disabilities (former WWII-Europe/POW) made it difficult.  I remember those nights when you were restless with the demons from those times and how you always put yourself last in the family.  I also remember how I sometimes would become frustrated with things you said or did, now to only realize that I am doing the same exact thing.  My life has been an interesting and a sometimes shameful series of events.  As my dad I’m sure you would understand but probably would not entirely agree with.  I respect that because I am not sure that I’m all that proud of these choices that I have made.  But the one redemption is in knowing that I have never abandoned my responsibilities to my children, and to my family.  Some would argue these points, possibly to relieve themselves of culpability, but know that each and every action and decision that I have made was for the benefit of someone else.

I know that you are with me each and every day.  You probably hear that buzz in your ear as I say a few words to you before I retire at night, or when I’m having one of those moments where only a dad would/could understand.

Dad I love you and thanks for being my spark of life.  I hope that you have a spectacular day and that you continue to be my light.


Your Son… Jerry