Image21 December 2012 came and went.  Some of  you were sitting there waiting for the flash of light and the end of humanity, while others when about their daily business without any concern whatsoever.  Its somewhat ironic that in both cases what was expected, even by historians, was a cataclysm to end mankind.  This expectations and anticipation was based on interpretation and debated conjecture.  It’s ironic that the Mayan calendar has at its center a head with its tongue prominently protruding, almost in a taunting way to make us feel a bit inept.

Let’s look at two factors; actions that we took leading up to 21 December and events that have taken place sense that time.  Preceding this date the world, its nations, people and our activities seemed out of balance.  What worked before wasn’t working now.  Every turn we took seemed to be marred with fraud, deception and smartly crafted ways to disguise the real truths.  In our pursuit for honest we reached out to what we saw as leaders, some because of the prominence that their name carried, other simply based on the size of their status.  We later discovered that bigger, larger, more recognizable did not equal truth, honesty and integrity.  If anyone wanted to see 21 December 2012 take place it was from sheer despair and not from some sense of perverse desire to die.  In conclusion…. pre-21/12/2012 placed humanity and all of its varied pieces in a pretty lousy state of affairs.

Since the infamous date have we turned in a positive direction or have we continued at a similar or further declining level?  I have to be honest one can say things are looking up, especially if you are sitting in the comfort of a job where business as normal is just that (little did you know an impending train wreck could be around the next turn and that job would be no more… so complacency may give  you comfort but not security) but are they really getting better.  Are the sputters you see as indicators of a return to comfort, stability and progress really sustainable or are they just momentary occurrences?  To have any of these things we need a forward look beyond just for the nourishment of today.  The problems, issues and challenges are substantial.  Leadership, in title or by action, is under siege   Even the most capable person is constantly being distracted from leading and spends the majority of their time defending their actions.  This is not to say that we shouldn’t question, for purposes of understanding, but we must be respectful that as leaders they are charged with a much larger picture that what most of us understand or could possibly consider.

ImageIt is my personal belief that 21 December 2012 was the tipping point between the state in which we could have done something to avoid the catastrophe and the cliff after which any resolve was nearly impossible (I like stating it in that fashion because it still offers a glimmer of possibility).  Without hope we have to reason to do anything but exist.  Some will take a righteous route while others will throw caution to the wind in reckless abandonment.   At the sametime we foolishly believe that we can achieve formidable and lasting results by following the actions of others.  These are LESSONS and not blueprints for YOU…. YOU and your enterprise or endeavor is different, accept this reality.  If anything because YOU are different then you should be seeking personal, specific and targeted treatment and not some commodity solution.  Sure the money and efficiency ‘experts’ would like you to think that you can achieve this by simply following this proven 10 step regiment.  BUT, does it work and what was required to make it work, and are the linchpin elements something that you are willing to embrace?  So stop fooling yourself and believe that you need to custom craft your destiny.

This brings me to the point about as mentioned earlier whether we have reached the point of no return or not.   I am a strong believer in the ‘possible’.  Its as easy to say that its possible the world could end tomorrow as much as it would be to say that its possible that we can recover from a seemingly endless slide into the abyss.  I also believe in parachutes  updrafts and grasp onto opportunities that can stem the free fall into an end.

The big issues revolve around the HOWs and the WHATs.  Most often we get inquiries from companies and governments when they are already in dire straights.  They have passed the point where low cost, simple solutions can be used and achieve results.  This means that anything from that point onward will be painful, costly, time consuming and require a unwavering commitment (not some social swag or fair weather attention to these matters).  If the Mayan were even remotely correct we still have the chance to slow the fall, possibly some will die but others may walk away with only a few bumps and bruises.  In business and in society this condition exists even in good times, and in these times they likewise exist and may even be more readily accepted because of the times.

I hope and I pray that people will ready these words, take them as a lunatic cry but as a letter of hope, a chance for controlling the free fall and to raise up a new order of life as we live it.  We are after all the makers of our own destiny.