A patient has specific sites in which appropriate injections can be administered.  Some are in the arm while others may be closer to where we sit.  The depth, size and frequency will depend upon the particular ailment that the patient has.

If we look at the effects of the economic downturn and the lingering effects that have paralyzed business I can’t help but wonder whether an injection may be what the doctor should order.

ImageLooking inside of business, some that were ready to weather the storm and others that we just starting to hit their stride when we were beset by the economy, we see a malaise.  Paralyzed by strategies, tactics, policies, methods and leadership that always worked we are now face a much-much different set of behaviors.  I wonder whether things would be horrific if we pulled the plug on these traits and started afresh, whether these traits are strong enough to hold us steady (but simply not adding the incremental growth we so desperately need), or whether wholesale transformation would be the kick start to some new and market leading?

Small enterprises are often under capitalized, lack diversity of skills that span the range that one would need to run a successful business, and are a bit free form in the way business is carried out.  Larger organizations with the counter to all of these things are caught in the quagmire of bureaucracy and often lag in an aggressive response to changing conditions. Given this duality, and all the enterprises in-between  its our behavior that is holding us back and not some magical GDP or money trend predictions that our countries would love us to believe exists.

So what kind of injection is appropriate?  Just today (27 Mar 2013) I received information about a company who received information from their partner needed to engage a sales opportunity.  It was clear that the information had to be concise and address the specific value needs for a prospective client.  What was received was a length presentation and several document files.   If you can’t say, in as few words as possible, then chances are your business lacks focus.  While we strive for completeness, and desire the adoration of prospects its about understanding who we are and what we can do.  There are and there will always be limitations to what we are able to do.  There may even be companies who can do it better but the mere fact that we cannot concisely focus creates a horrible problem for businesses looking to turn things around.  In a similar sense, its like a distressed company that is taken over for a turnaround.  The first order of business is refocusing and reshaping the enterprise (and this is in no way a cookbook process, it requires surgical precision in not only evaluating what you have but also how to recast operations to fulfill the newly reworked goals/strategy).   A CEO once asked how do you know what should be cast aside and what should be kept, aside from the fundamental ROI-Investment numbers?  My response was pretty direct, “you keep what you know you can grow and you harvest what has reached its full capacity”.   There are companies and there are products that have been held onto for far too long and as a result have bleed the capital they once generated from the lifeblood of the organization.  Continuous reinvention is essential to business enterprises… stagnation is the best way to loose your competitive spirit but also your position in the marketplace.

So tomorrow when you wake up and things remain the same ask yourself whether its time for action and inject your business with the life giving adrenalin that is needed.