A person gives their position and opinion(s) based on what they have grown up with.  Smartly shaped and reshaped by experiences in life, sometimes with goodness and greatness while all too unfortunately also tainted by missteps and direction.

I sit here as a parent, business owner, armchair global rightness advocate and wonder whether the world is in such utter disarray that it can never be set right.  Some would argue that leadership from within governments, business and society will shape a more promising outcome.  But will even these individuals get cast aside in the chaos, the truthfulness of their words against public outcry or the pragmatic analytics/scientific postulations that are used all too often out of context?

There isn’t a topic that we can’t give an opinion about that reflects our discontent.  Be it religion, politics, business ethics and social commitment to even entertainment which at one time was set for pure enjoyment (which now has been become a stomping ground for intellectual stagnation and dummification (which by the way is my own creation).

This present day state evokes deep emotions (anger, frustration, thoughts of joy/opportunity but also mind numbing paralysis).   So where did we go wrong?  In looking back I don’t see one single event, I see possibly lots of causes with which most are created by inaction.  Whether we are afraid to offend, timid about not being adequately equipped to raise our hand of opinion, or possible we exist in a setting where we are not permitted through social pressures and self-imposed exile as to who we really are.

I turn today to social media and look at it from a bit higher level than a single post.  I see people desperate to be recognized, exposing themselves totally to the world.  Showing things that at one time was reserved to close family and friends, like what we ate, who we met with and what we wear.  There was a saying that “your life is an open book” but in the context of social outlets the open book is totally and completely open to the world.  I’m not sure if this is good, I also wonder whether its best to leave somethings behind closed doors rather than to make a social statement.  But I’m sure there are those that have the opinion as to it doing no harm (but who knows how one might take a bit of news, a clip or a response to a post).  Words are sometimes more powerful than actions and this leaves us to where we are at… the lack of action.

ImageAction requires responsible commitment, not actions that we force to regret them later.  If you pick up a stick and beat someone who you disagree with beware of the ramifications that can range from the stick being turned on you to finding yourself before the judiciary.  That picture you post thinking that its an example of fine dining only to have others criticize the food as being inedible.  So did the moment of joy get washed away by opinions, and do those very same opinions serve society in forcing a restaurant to go out of business (which further impacts suppliers, employees and possibly the community).  The fine line between opinion and harmful realities is very thin.  Your rights mean they must be utilized in a responsible manner.  I’m sure the creators of Face Book, LinkedIn and Twitter never intended for their outlets to be damaging but rather a commercial enterprise that is some way could also serve a better social good.

I would hope that as Bad as things may be that we can objectively evaluate where we stand, accept what we can tolerate and do something where we can in a responsible, loving and forthright fashion.