One simple undergarment, engineered for customer ‘comfort’ satisfaction and crowd appeal is a common day occurrence.  It has helped millions to enhance their appearance and self-esteem.  The history of the bra dates back much farther than the 20th Century to the Minoan civilization of the 14th Century BC.  Its intended use was for modesty reasons but later it became an instrument of comfort.  Today the modern day undergarment services a large population and has utility, value and a multitude of engineering feats that overcomes the challenges of gravity, movement and modesty.

ImageI decided to introduce this topic, not from some perverse fascination with women’s undergarments but because marketing is allot like the Wonderbra.  It,

  1. Is smartly crafted to put a situation into the best light human possible,
  2. Resists market movement and if properly exercised can endure the test of time,
  3. Is made up of a number of components, each have a specific purpose and role, and
  4. To the observer it puts forth a pleasing image.

The question really is whether this utilitarian item, the Wonderbra or Marketing, is being truthful?  Is it putting forth a persona that is a bit misleading or is it simply trying to set the base case image possible?   I guess its up to each of us to decide for ourselves.  It can’t go untested unless we are willing to accept the possible realities.  Truth in marketing is important, glorified words and smartly crafted positioning can only lead to disappointment.