ImageI thought at first 2012 was the year of the snake after pouring through literally 1000s of social posts, emails, blog entries, speculations, procrastination and outright opinions on the way things should come down. Whether it be in the area of technology, business, social conduct or national politics it all came down to one thing…. Lots of Spin (thus the reference to Snakes and Snake Oil as inferred by the picture).  It seems today that we need to analyze at the smallest detail level everything that is said, or for that matter shown through the craft of Photoshop application.  Straight-up no nonsense facts are a rarity and when they appear, they too fall under the microscope for credibility (only to be further complicated by opinions on the facts being laden with inaccuracies).   Oh well its the way of world and I don’t see things changing in the foreseeable future.   I don’t plan to change allot in the things that I do or the way that I look at things.  No, I’m not perfect… I’m human and humans are prone to being imprecise.  I’m not going to try to do things differently because doing things differently has been my mode of operation and if I did change then I would have to do things that were socially popular and that is frankly not something that I feel all that comfortable with.  So in pure and plain words I’m not resolving…. I’m focusing on improving.  So this imperfect person plans to improve the way he fits into the world.  Take an interest in learning from and about others, even those that are so different than me that I would probably would have tried to avoid at all cost.  I’m looking at ways to change our business model, not that we were or are wrong but that the market has changed and so should our approach to serving them (or maybe a totally different client base all together).  One area that I’m going to need allot of divine help with is family, they mean everything to me but as they get older and as I make mistakes hard feelings get created.  While I can do some of the work divine help is definitely needed.  Lastly, I wish to improve my knowledge of the state of things.  Whether this is technology, business, global politics or human behavior I need to constantly study and discern truth (if there is such a beast) and to act upon it, not pontificate about it.  So there you have it one human beings action plan for 2013 and not just a list of things to stop that gets broken within 24 hours.  I pray that all who read this will be inspired to do righteous things, aspire to great heights but to realize the limitations that each of us work within.