A martyr is by definition a person who sacrifices ones self for the benefit of a cause, usually in a religious context.  When one does something purely out of hate or reprisal its center is all on self.  Many people are stunned by the events that have taken place in Newtown, Connecticut USA and can’t understand why, especially as it involved innocent children.  This is not the first incident where innocent lives have been taken and I am sure it won’t be the last.  As long a press attention is given to these things, all in the sake of news and information sharing, more raving lunatics will take on this charade of thinking that their acts are justifiable.  Some even use this to support the cause of gun control.  But is it the gun or is it the fool that created the outcome?  Would any form have been just as lethal, maybe more.  I refrain from listening all of the possibilities since it might be used as a cookbook for yet another lunatic to ploy their hate, anger and frustration.   What I wonder if you look at all of these perpertrators is whether they are truly insane or just living in a world where nothing makes sense except a hell bet ambition or whether its like a ticking time bomb waiting for that one catalyst to push it over the edge.

ImageI am writing this brief piece to address those that are sitting there on the fringe, trying to decide or maybe have already taken steps to unleash killing chaos.  I ask you to stop and think about your actions.  I want you to think about the lack of effect it will have on what seems to you as being the reasons for doing it.   Rest assured that whatever it is that is causing you this turmoil, it is common to us all, it is solvable and that your choice of solutions is not one that will achieve the end that you are attempting to achieve.  Life is a precious thing, even in your darkest of hours.   Think and know  your limitations, its’ not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength to face your demons and to act responsibly.  Altering the future of mankind is not done through dramatic acts but through care and love.

My heart breaks for the families and the victims.  But also my heart breaks for people thinking that socially irresponsible acts will serve the better good (and not just your own personal agenda).  This isn’t just about mass murders it can also be said for social unrest and violent protests, for martyrdom in the name of religion (when its really be driven by man’s will and not God), and the hurtful pain we inflict on our loved ones whether through our deeds or our words.

Let us regain some sanity and responsible behavior.  Think before we act, seek help when we are at wits end, and chose to seek peace vs. violence as an enduring solution.

I wish to dedicate my views in the memories of all mankind, those lost in such tragedies but also those innocent people caught up by war and the insanity of irresponsible human behavior.